Source: White House (2009)

The past decade has been quite a climate journey for Democrats.

President Biden travels to Pittsburgh today to unveil key infrastructure pillars of his Build Back Better agenda, including proposals to grow America’s clean energy industry and create clean energy jobs.

Ten years prior, on March 31, 2011, I sat at the witness table for the first-ever congressional hearing on the Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline. It was an obscure issue at the time, far removed from the symbolism that defines it today.

My ringside scorecard was dire: President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton were preparing to green-light the permits…

Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

Donald Trump has done everything he can to convince voters that Joe Biden’s remarks about oil were the greatest gaffe in the history of presidential debates. But the polls have told a different story since the debate, even in the states Trump predicted there would be a great uprising.

Here are three reasons why Joe Biden is steadily crushing Trump on energy and climate change at the ballot box.

First, it wasn’t a gaffe. It was the truth, and most Americans agree with Biden.

This is what Biden actually said: “I would transition away from the oil industry, yes. The…

Twitter: Joe Symons

Jeremy Symons, one of the “top leaders of the Trump resistance” according to Rolling Stone, is an environmental and political strategist and consultant fighting to protect a healthy, livable planet and build a clean energy U.S. economy.

As the Principal of Symons Public Affairs, Jeremy works with clients to deliver high-impact solutions to climate change and other threats to public health and the environment.

Jeremy Symons has twenty years’ experience in energy and environmental policy, government affairs, media communications, and building highly successful teams.

Jeremy has been called “the top political strategist for the influential conservationist…

Jeremy Symons

A “top leader of the Trump resistance” according to Rolling Stone. Strategist/consultant fighting to protect our planet and build a clean energy U.S. economy

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